We desire to bring sunshine to Africa....opportunities to allow people to realize their destinies and be released from oppression. We are starting in Mozambique with The Sunshine Nut Company. The majority of proceeds from this company will go to the poorest of farming communities and the neediest of children. Mozambique is ranked among the poorest in economic status but we believe they are among the richest in spirit. Join us in our adventure....

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Selfish, Guilty Pleasure (A mini-blog that I have to share.)

Today was a long, long, long Mozambican Day. Only someone who has lived here could understand what I mean by the term, “Mozambican Day”. For those of you who don’t live here…this is what it means. A day filled with frustrations, lost time, and going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to accomplish one item that in a first-world country would take one trip and 20 minutes… tops. The power is out and the water has not come for days. You cannot take a shower, let alone even flush your toilet.  It is a day where everyone needs you, everyone wants money from you, everyone is trying to manipulate you, bribe you, or take from you.

Yet at the day’s end, as the 4 amazing employees who are helping me with a repair project on our Sunshine House (that should have taken one day to do, and we are now at the end of day 4, by the way), their spirits lifted mine. They put in a long day sweating under the hot African sun. Yet as they took their bucket showers, dressed back into their street clothes, and emerged smelling fresh and clean, their joy of being at the end of their work day spilled forth. We got into the car and headed off to the stop where they could catch their transport home, listening to one of the worker’s recently recorded CDs of worship music blaring from my car’s CD player. After dropping them off, I was feeling a bit rejuvenated myself. 

I drove down the road and was treated to a sight that I got to selfishly enjoy all by myself. In fact, it was so amazing, that I felt guilty for not having anyone to share it with.  It was simple. It was pure. It was full of joy. About 10 boys ran along the street ahead of me. Each pulled behind him a 5 liter plastic jug that was attached by a string. They swerved left and right across the road in front of me, laughing and smiling. It was absolutely beautiful. And it was all mine. All mine alone to enjoy. With tear-filled eyes, I thanked God for the opportunity He has given me to live here and to be a part of a world so different from the one I have lived my entire life in. A world in which I can be at my lowest point and ready to pack my suitcase and return home…but then…10 little boys playing with garbage fill me with such inspiration that I cry and count my life as blessed beyond measure. 

(No...my darling little Beto was not on the street playing...but this photo shows the type of container the boys had and demonstrates the happiness found in pulling it along behind you.)